Homeowner’s have many options when it comes to home improvement projects.

When it comes to roofing accents, Copper is Cool!

Most homeowners know copper as a soft, rust resistant, and appealing metal. Copper has been used in the roofing industry for many years for these reasons. It is used for rooftop coverage, flashings, accents, gutters, decor, and the list continues. Copper is gaining recent popularity because it is a relatively light metal compared to steel. It is malleable, meaning it’s easy to work with, and can be forged easily, making copper a perfect fit for custom applications.

Copper is also a very low maintenance metal; it resists corrosion and develops its own aesthetic appearance over time. There is also no coating required to protect it. And while its brand-new shiny look is very eye catching, due to oxidation, it transforms itself into an aged look of bronze or a lovely green color (patina). The oxidation process doesn’t happen right away; it can take years. The oxidation time frame differs depending on the amount of copper installed and how much sun the home gets. As the copper bronzes or patinas, it can give a home an elegant or stately appeal.

In roofing, copper is common on long term applications like slate, or Spanish tile for being highly complimentary. Because of its high rate of expansion and contraction, the install is a bit different than other metals to prevent buckling. Copper is also commonly used for box gutters, bay roofs, and other accent pieces.

From a price standpoint, copper tends to be more costly. Copper is also unique because when recycled, it almost never requires refining or smelting. Typically, just melting and reforming. With an extraordinary lifespan, traditional beauty, and unique character, copper is always a great addition to your home and in the end, copper is cool!