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Pittsburgh Box Gutters

Many Pittsburgh neighborhoods are historic and have architecturally time-specific homes, and when it comes to updating and maintaining such properties, special considerations must be made. Many owners of these historic homes do not want to impact the aesthetic of the exterior by installing modern gutters, so rebuilding or relining the existing box gutters is the preferred option.

Resnick Roofing & Contracting is one of the few local contractors that offer box gutter repairs or rebuilds—a style that blends seamlessly with the architecture of your historic home.  We can restore the historic look of box gutters to their original beauty while making no compromise for materials and using only the highest grade copper materials.

Since 2006, our team of skilled, experienced professionals has earned a reputation for delivering consistently excellent service. For The Best Products, The Best Installation, and The Best Warranty, choose Resnick Roofing for your box gutter installation.

Box Gutters vs. Regular Gutters

If you’ve never heard of box gutters, you’re not alone. After the early 1900s, they were no longer typically installed, but can still be found on older homes. Modern gutters are fabricated from metal or PVC, but box gutters are made from wood and then covered by a thin metal sheet which is preferably copper. These gutters were built right into the roof overhang, while today’s gutters are installed on the fascia board of the overhang.

When comparing box gutters vs. regular gutters, the main benefit to box gutters is the way they blend seamlessly with a home’s architecture. This type of look is not possible with modern gutters and is why owners of older homes are willing to pay more to have box gutters rebuilt or relined to maintain the original and historically accurate architecture.

Since this isn’t a typical job, it’s important to choose contractors who have proven experience with this type of installation—and the Resnick Roofing team does!

You can count on us to:

  • Provide Accurate, Upfront Pricing
  • Use Premium Copper Material
  • Provide Expert Workmanship
  • Keep Our Prices Competitive
  • Offer Attractive Financing Options
  • Stand Behind Our Work with Impressive Warranties

Learn More About Box Gutters for Your Pittsburgh Home

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