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Allison Park Solar Shingles

With over 40 years of combined experience, our A+ BBB-rated contractors will be your best option for a fairly priced solar roofing needs in Allison Park. As eco-friendly and green energy choices become progressively more and more important, and the cost of fossil fuel-based energy keeps rising exponentially, quite a few homeowners are deciding that residential solar panels are the best option.

Solar roofing is one expenditure for your home that produces a net-zero cost in the long run. Resnick Roofing offers green energy solutions paired with Pittsburgh's best warranty, installation, and product. Homeowners love the low-profile, seamless look of our shingles and how they lower electricity and gas bills. 

Save More Money Every Month with Residential Solar

Between the savings on your utility bills and the tax break incentives, a residential solar roof is a great financial decision for your Allison Park home. Many homeowners claim that switching to solar isn’t worth it because of the cloudy weather in the winter months. This is not something to worry about, with many parts of Pennsylvania getting over 200 days of rated sunlight through the year.

Resnick Roofing is a top-notch solar roofing company in Allison Park. We’re here to help you make the switch to solar and reap the rewards like energy-efficient savings and big tax credits.

With professional solar shingle installation, you can take advantage of all the benefits that a solar roof has to offer, like:

  • Tax Breaks: Right now the tax credit is 30%.
  • Sustainability: Lower your dependency on fossil fuels with a renewable resource.
  • Cost-Savings: Lower your monthly utility bills with GAF roofing products.
  • Curb Appeal: Timberline Solar blends with common residential aesthetics.
  • Great Service: Enjoy our start-to-finish project coordination. 

Innovative Solar Products for Your Allison Park Home

Many people decide not to switch to solar shingles because they are worried that it won’t look good on their house. With our low-profile shingles, you don’t need to worry about that, as they have a seamless look for your exterior. You can feel good about investing in a solar roofing system with Resnick Roofing.

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Your path down a greener future starts with getting a quote from your top choice for a local solar shingle company. Say goodbye to high power bills and hello to a cleaner alternative. You can begin to save up to fifteen percent on your electric bill in one year. Our experienced contractors can help with all your roofing, solar, and gutter needs. Call now to learn about our premium solar services or head to the website to fill out the quick online form and receive your no-commitment cost estimate in Allison Park.

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